The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

Why Is Granite a Preferred Material For Headstones?

by Antonio Robertson

Funeral directors and managers of cemeteries have plenty of different choices when it comes to supplying headstones to mourners. Fieldstone is a popular choice, as is marble and even sandstone in some locations. Non-stone materials that make for good headstones also include bronze, iron and concrete. However, granite should never be overlooked as a particularly good choice for headstones and other types of memorials. Any good granite cemetery monument supplier will be able to provide high-quality headstones that are made to order for the mourning family in question. Why offer them granite rather than other materials?


As any granite cemetery monument supplier is likely to point out, granite is one of the hardest rocks around. It is certainly a stone that will last longer than sandstone when it is exposed to the elements. Even better, granite is not liable to shatter if it suffers a blow. This is in stark contrast to another long-lasting material, marble, which is often prone to chips from bumps and knocks. Additionally, granite does not stain easily. This means that it is a very good choice if you are looking for a headstone that will resist any attempts as vandalism.

Ease of Maintenance

Anyone associated with the maintenance of graveyards and cemeteries will know that headstones take a good deal of looking after, especially those which are exposed to bird droppings. Although no granite cemetery monument supplier could guarantee that a granite-made headstone will never suffer from things like tree sap, animal waste or moss, it is much easier to remove these things from this stone than is the case with other materials. This is due to the inherent hardness of granite. Wiping over a headstone made from granite with nothing more than a scourer will be enough to clear away this sort of muck, leaving it looking as good as new within a few minutes.

The Look of Granite

There is something about the look of granite that makes it an appealing choice for headstones. Although it looks grey at first glance, most types of granite are flecked with little sections of blue, green or even golden particles that give it visual interest and even a shimmering effect. If you ask your local granite cemetery monument supplier for samples, then you will soon see just how varied in appearance it is. Indeed, when granite is cut into a slab to form a headstone, it will always have a unique appearance that cannot be replicated even before the lettering is carved in. For this reason alone, it will always continue to have an enduring appeal for many mourners.


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The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

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