The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

Essential Things to Know When Planning for a Memorial Service

by Antonio Robertson

Many people confuse funeral services and memorial services. A funeral is characterised by the presence of a deceased person's body. On the other hand, the focal point of a memorial service is an urn or framed portrait of the deceased. Many aspects go into planning a successful memorial service for a loved one. Essential considerations include a budget allocation for a memorial service, choice of location, invitations, speakers, music and food and drinks. This article discusses organising a befitting memorial service for a loved one.

Why Is a Memorial Service Vital? 

Most importantly, a memorial service celebrates the life of a loved one. The event also pays tribute to the deceased by honouring their spirit, achievements and unique personality. The service starts the healing process of a grieving family because it allows support from neighbours, friends and co-workers.


The location for hosting a memorial service should have some personal significance to the deceased. You can consider a public or private park, a family home or their favourite beach. Besides, if you plan on hosting many people, you should choose a location such as a favourite banquet hall, restaurant or religious place. A spiritual site is perfect if you want to work with religious leaders or adhere to certain rites. Remember to acquire the necessary permits when planning for a memorial service.

Payment Options 

The cost of a memorial service varies depending on several factors, including location, food and drinks and the number of guests. Although the cost of a memorial service is slightly lower than that of a funeral service, you should work with a funeral service provider to ensure that you stick to your budget. Some of the payment options to finance a memorial service include personal savings, insurance, credit cards and financing through a funeral provider. Besides, confirm whether the deceased might have set aside a payable-on-death (POD) or Totten trust account dedicated to funeral and memorial service expenses.


Flowers and other décor are always a personal choice. Therefore, a family should work with a funeral director regarding the choice and arrangement of flowers. Ideally, a family has to order a bouquet for a memorial service based on flowers available in the region. Also, the choice can be influenced by the deceased's favourite colours.


You can post an obituary for a memorial service in a local newspaper, a website of your preferred funeral home or social media sites to invite friends and family to the event. Other ways of inviting guests include emails, phone calls and online invitations.


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The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

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