The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

Why You Should Consider Vintage Monuments that are Making a Comeback

by Antonio Robertson

Vintage designs, symbolism, and meaning increase in popularity every year. Many people are looking for the designs and artistic expression of vintage eras. These expressions are clear in monument art, also known as gravestone art. This type of art is part of the vintage comeback. It is also an available monument option for you or your loved one. Here are some of the more popular designs to consider.

Angel Monuments

There are several eras in history that utilize the angel in cemetery monuments. The most popular forms of these angels are the weeping angels. There are several designs. Two of the more common are the Victorian Weeping Angel that rests on its knees with the body draped over the headstone and its head down. Their wings are closed around them, rather than fully open and spread. The detailing on these angels is very intricate showing every line and curve. The other type of angel monument that is common is the standing weeping angel. The standing angel is usually behind the headstone or to the side. Their heads are bowed and their wingspan is closed. Some look as if they are mourning while others simply look solemn. 

Symbolic Monuments

During the Victorian era, there were several forms of monuments that had a simple etched symbol above the loved ones' names. These symbols could show if the person was married, by a set of joined hands bordered with ivy. Other symbols related to different standings within the community. One of the common symbolic monuments to find today is the urn. Stone urns placed on the top of headstones were used to symbolize death and mourning. These urns may also be draped with a stone carved shawl. 

Lifestyle Monuments

If you find yourself looking at vintage monuments, you may notice lifestyle monuments. These depict something the person did during their lifetime. A popular example of this is a large tree trunk. The loved one's name is directly on the trunk. The monuments are usually made of an all-white stone such as marble. The tree trunk represents someone who was a member of the woodman's organization or a forestry worker. Each country and even region of that country have its own options for this. 

Making sure you have the right monument for you or your loved ones is an important choice. This will be a lasting memory and image for many generations to come. If you are undecided about which option to get or what vintage monument designs are available, contact your funeral home director. They can suggest monument artisans in the area and those who work with the funeral home as a third-party supplier.

For more information on monuments, contact a professional near you.


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The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

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