The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

A Guide On Pre-Arranged Funerals

by Antonio Robertson

One of your most significant worries is how your loved ones will fund and organise your funeral. You often wonder whether they will consider your personal, cultural and religious beliefs as they organise the event. A pre-arranged funeral grants you the right to plan your funeral. If you are considering this arrangement, below is a comprehensive guide on pre-arranged funerals


There are several ways to fund your pre-arranged funeral. First, you could take out a life insurance policy. Most policies cater to funeral costs if the insured dies. Alternatively, you could open a joint bank account with a trusted beneficiary, such as your spouse or child. You could ask them to use the money in the account to pay for your funeral expenses since they gain autonomous control of the funds once you die. If you have a will, you could instruct the executor to use a specified amount of funds to pay your funeral expenses. 

While the above strategies are viable methods to cater to funeral expenses, the best solution would be to take a pre-paid funeral plan. It is a policy dedicated to paying your funeral expenses. The golden rule when taking this coverage is to work with accredited and reputable funeral homes. This way, you do not have to worry that the funeral home will not pay the funeral costs. Examine what the plan covers. The general rule is to consider comprehensive plans. This way, your family does not have to chip in extra cash to pay the burial costs. 

End Of Life Wishes 

How can you compel your family to respect your end-of-life wishes? The best way is to include an explanation letter in your will. The explanation letter details your end-of-life wishes, such as where you would want your body buried, whether you prefer cremation and the religious and cultural rites you want the family to observe as they dispose of your remains. You could also make your wishes known to your family members. 


Who will plan and execute your funeral? As a best practice, hire an experienced funeral director to plan the funeral. This way, your family has the time and space to mourn their lost loved one. Conduct due diligence to ensure the funeral director comprehends your religious and cultural beliefs and offers a comprehensive funeral package. Moreover, you could negotiate reasonable pricing based on the limits of your pre-paid funeral plan.


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The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

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