The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

  • How to Plan a Greek Orthodox Funeral When There Are No Orthodox Churches in Your Town

    If you are Greek Orthodox and there is not a Greek Orthodox church in your community, you may be wondering how you can have a funeral. There are lots of options. Here are some tips and ideas to consider. 1. Plan a Funeral Service in Another Town If you want to have your own funeral or the funeral of a loved one in an Orthodox church, you may need to plan to go to another town.

  • Dealing with Loss- Preparation Made easier with Funeral Directors

    Death in a home is a devastating occurrence that cripples many people emotionally. At these times, funeral directors play an important role of service in ensuring the family handles the funeral properly. Funeral directors console family members, arrange funerals, and prepare the deceased body properly for the family. Beyond these services, funeral directors offer further assistance to the families in certain procedural and regulatory matters that accompany death. In these times of bereavement, you will definitely need the guidance of a caring and professional funeral director to handle some of the following matters:

  • A Funeral Director Can Help Ease Your Grief After The Death Of A Loved One

    The period after the passing of a family member or friend is very trying. You have to come to terms with the loss and the sorrow that comes with it. Worse, you have obligations that you are supposed to undertake so as to deliver a fitting farewell to the deceased. Although funeral directors have their roles spelled out in the events between a death and a funeral, they also play a key role in helping with grief, too:

  • Honouring the Deceased & Comforting the Grieving in Different Faiths

    In the ever-expanding cultural landscape of modern Australia chances are that you will one day be affected by the loss of someone who has a vastly different background to yourself. No one wants to be culturally insensitive, especially in times of turmoil. While your intentions might be good, remember that people can be extra sensitive and lost when they are grieving, and it's a good idea to make yourself aware of the customs, beliefs and appropriate responses that some different cultures hold about death and funeral behaviours.

  • Three Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Funeral Director

    The death of a loved one often requires you to hire the skills of a professional so that the final wishes of your loved one are respected and that the funeral goes without a hitch. That is why it is important to exercise good judgment when hiring a funeral director. This article discusses three things you need to know before you hire a funeral director. Alternative Ways to Dispose of the Body

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    The Final Journey: Inspiring Ideas For Funerals

    Funerals can bring forth such a range of emotions: melancholy, grief, regret, relief and nostalgia. As an assistant at a funeral parlour, I am privileged to help people with organising their loved one’s final journey. I have learnt that a good funeral parlour can make the occasion truly commemorative. When I attend funerals for friends, I am saddened to see that so many ceremonies are traditional and joyless. I later find out that the family members simply weren’t aware of options such as a graveside memorial service. I love the fact that one of my tasks involves showing family members various venues and demonstrating what can be done. In this humble little blog, I hope to make it my mission to share some of the ideas – big and small – from the best funerals I have seen. Perhaps it will give you some inspiration at a difficult time. Bless.